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Creator of the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint

Physical therapist & Arthritis Specialist Helping those with knee and hip osteoarthritis find hope and avoid surgery

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Unlocking arthritis pain relief, one step at a time! Find out what's possible.

The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint

Your step-by-step guide to adventuring with osteoarthritis

Learn the secrets that have helped those with knee and hip osteoarthritis find hope and catapult them to their goals of staying active and adventurous. Without following these steps, osteoarthritis pain may continue to be out reach.

Arthritis pain relief is possible, you just need the right keys to unlock it! The longer you wait, the harder this journey is. Do this for yourself and get started today.

This program is cultivated by me, a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist. So many have been able to make hiking, biking, walking, and even running possible again. Now it’s your turn.

arthritis adventure blueprint

The Arthritis ADventure Journey

This is how the magic happens.

My name is Alyssa Kuhn. I am a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist, ready to remind your body what pain free movement feels like! 

Based in Sandy, Utah- I am in the business of getting people off of the continuous hamster wheel of pain and breaking the cycle of getting passed from doctor to doctor with no answers.

I promise you, surgery is not your only option for osteoarthritis relief. Skipping any of these steps can lead you to spin your wheels without any sign of pain relief. It’s time you finally broke free of this osteoarthritis pain and I want you to know your arthritis adventure is possible.

I’d love to hear your story and show you the best plan for your situation. You are not alone on this osteoarthritis pain relief journey.

Your adventure awaits, are you ready?

Arthritis Specialist Pain Relief

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3 reasons we want to work with you

If you have joint pain, you’ll want to read this. 

You might be feeling like you have tried EVERYTHING.

Trust me, I get it but I am here to tell you there is still hope. Clients come to me frustrated and tired of their pain. Wasting time in doctor's offices without answers, trying injections, massage, medications, and other things to make their pain go away but it just keeps coming back. I am here to show you arthritis pain relief IS possible. As an arthritis specialist, I guide patients out of the cycle of spinning their wheels to actually getting results.

You feel like your pain is "normal" because you're getting older

I'm here to tell you that this is far from the truth. Pain is not normal and I'm so glad you have made it to this page because that means you want to take action. As we get older, joint pain is not something we have to "deal with". One client we have is 59 and moving better than he did 20 years ago! Arthritis pain relief is possible.

You are trying to avoid surgery at all costs

Surgery is not inevitable if you have osteoarthritis and joint pain, it's time to show your body that you can actually move without flaring up pain. This is done through careful exercise selection and movement assessment to find the true root of your pain and address it. As an arthritis specialist, I have extensive experience helping people through their arthritis adventure journey!

Keeping Adventures Alive Across the World

I am a mobile physical therapist and arthritis specialist based in Sandy, Utah! If you are local to Utah, I can come right to your home. If you’re not in Utah, don’t worry! We also offer virtual services for other states and countries.

An adventure is anything that makes you happy- it doesn’t have to be extravagant! What is your adventure? Hiking, skiing, biking, traveling or simply enjoying time with your family. Arthritis pain does not have to hold you back from your adventure! Let us show you how.

Set up a FREE consultation with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn to learn more about us and schedule an appointment! 

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