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Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, physical therapist & osteoarthritis specialist

Helping you break free from Hip & Knee arthritis pain so you can make adventure possible again

Gain a fresh, new perspective on osteoarthritis through online coaching and courses that will bring you hope & optimism while realizing surgery is not your only option.

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The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint

Your step-by-step guide reigniting adventure with osteoarthritis

Learn the secrets that have helped those wanting to live an active lifestyle find osteoarthritis treatment for knees and hips while avoiding surgery. 

This is unlike anything you have seen before as many times doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare providers may not tell you about all of your options…

I created this program to show you that adventure is possible even with hip and knee arthritis pain. It includes an osteoarthritis friendly workout program, as well as everything you need to know about your pain. 

When taking this course, many people experience significant pain relief before even starting the exercise portion! Learn more below: 

arthritis adventure blueprint

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Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, PT and Osteoarthritis Specialist

osteoarthritis treatment for knees and hips like never before

If you are tired of being dismissed by doctors, surgeons, or other healthcare providers when it comes to your joint pain, you are in the right spot. 

Weight loss is not the only option for osteoarthritis treatment for knees and hips, and neither is surgery.

If you aren’t ready for surgery and want other options to control pain, even with bone on bone osteoarthritis there absolutely is hope.

Learn from Kristin below who has been working with Dr. Alyssa Kuhn and the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint. She was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis out of nowhere and was worried her active lifestyle would end.

She wasn’t ready for surgery but was having a hard time finding other options.

Now, she is walking longer distances without paying for it, enjoying exercise again, sleeping through the night, and has dramatically reduced the need for pain medications! 

Hear her full story below: 

Keeping Arthritis Adventures Alive

My name is Alyssa Kuhn. I am a mobile, doctor of physical therapy and osteoarthritis specialist based in Sandy, Utah! I offer both in-home (local to Utah) and virtual options for physical therapy and wellness treatments.

Osteoarthritis does not have to be a death sentence to everything you love doing. This includes hiking, biking, skiing, and even running- they are all possible again. But the only way to reignite your adventure is to take action. 

I always like to talk to my clients prior to scheduling a session to make sure we are good fit! The first step to working together is to sign up for a free, 15 minute consultation via phone below.

I can’t wait to meet you and join you on this arthritis adventure.

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