Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, Physical Therapist & Osteoarthritis Specialist

Helping you break free from hip & knee arthritis pain

Make Adventure Possible Again

At Keep the Adventure Alive, you’ll gain a fresh, new perspective on osteoarthritis that will bring you hope, and give you confidence, while realizing surgery is not your only option.

Created by a physical therapist, this unique approach helps you not only find pain relief from hip and knee arthritis but also to make ADVENTURE POSSIBLE again.

Too often people are left feeling alone and backed into a corner with little to no options for relief. I have made it my mission to show you there are options and to bring you new found hope.

You’ll learn each step you need to make climbing stairs easily, walking for hours, getting up from the floor effortlessly, traveling, and leading an active life achievable.

Whether you are looking to avoid surgery or optimize your recovery after a joint replacement, it is possible to find relief and finally feel good.

How to Unlock Your Arthritis Adventure

3 Key Steps 


Many people aren’t ever told what is actually causing their pain- and let me tell you, wear and tear doesn’t count. Learn how to read your arthritis pain, what it means, when to stop and when to keep going. This is the step almost everyone misses.


There is more to arthritic pain than just what your x-ray looks like. Actually, there are many other factors that contribute to irritation and this is actually GOOD NEWS. This is because you can actually reduce your arthritis pain. Now, its important to find out exactly what is contributing to your arthritis pain so you can start reducing it.


It becomes much easier to commit to something when you know why you’re doing it and are equipped with a plan. Consistency can unlock confidence, strength, and power. Things like fear, hesitation, and increasing pain can make consistency difficult. With Keep the Adventure Alive, you will gain confidence knowing you are doing everything you can to keep your joints healthy.

adventurers for life

Success Stories

Read the success stories of hundreds of members inside our signature membership, Adventurers for Life. Whether you have mild stages of osteoarthritis, bone on bone or anywhere in between, there is hope.

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Meet The Founder

My name is Alyssa Kuhn. I am doctor of physical therapy and osteoarthritis specialist on a mission to show you what is truly possible with osteoarthritis.

It is possible to regain the ability to adventure by breaking through the doom and gloom and realizing your true potential.

Osteoarthritis does not have to be a death sentence to everything you love doing. Instead of being told to slow down and to be careful- I’m here to show you how to move in ways your joints actually like (yes, it’s possible!).

This website is full of some of the best resources when it comes to getting started towards arthritis pain relief. You will learn how to get stronger, move easier, and reduce stiffness through various exercises, movements, eating foods that are good for your joints and MORE.

I can’t wait to meet you and join you on this arthritis adventure. 

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