Meet Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, PT

Hi, I’m Alyssa! I am a doctor of physical therapy and specialize in helping people with osteoarthritis not only find pain relief, but also to unlock adventure.

After graduating physical therapy school and working in the field, I quickly realized there was a huge gap in how people were being treated with osteoarthritis. The advice given was not matching what the research says and people were commonly left feeling overwhelmed, confused, and hopeless.

One woman mentioned being diagnosed with osteoarthritis felt like a stab to the heart.

I found that so often active people became sedentary, isolated, and depressed because they felt or even were told there was nothing they could do about the condition. 

Instead, through lots of research, client meetings, and chatting with experts- I realized that there was SO much more potential for those with osteoarthritis. That it didn’t have to be a death sentence to everything they loved doing. 

I started helping patients regain their strength, their sense of hope, and their ability to adventure. Patients got back to hiking, walking up/down hills and stairs, played pickleball and tennis again, and even gained the confidence to travel again. 

I knew I had to share the three steps that got each and every one of these patients with the world. 

After living in Utah for the past few years, I truly understand how special adventure can be. I know how freeing it can feel to be able to go explore where you want to and be there for ones that matter most. 

I am all about practicing what I preach and I continue to place a high value on health, movement, and adventure myself. You can often find me skiing, playing with my dog Teddy, hiking, and creating fun videos for instagram. 

Welcome to the Arthritis Adventure family. You are not alone on this journey. 

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Why the Keep the Adventure Alive Approach Works

Way too often, people are discouraged by being told things such as “it’s just arthritis” or that their joints “are deteriorating” or they have the joints “of an 80 year old”. Arthritis doesn’t have to be a death sentence to everything you love doing and the main mission of Keep the Adventure Alive is help you believe there is HOPE.

Specializing in osteoarthritis, Alyssa has done extensive research and testing to find the best movements that cater specifically to your arthritic joints that challenges stereotypes. You are capable of so much more than swimming and walking for the rest of your life. This approach will help you feel strong and confident so you can say YES to adventures instead of shying away from them.

One of the most vital pieces to the puzzle of arthritis pain relief is to help you to understand what is actually going on inside of your joint. But odds are, no one has ever explained this to you. Wear and tear is not the full picture but it’s what 99% of people are told. Here we help you understand the process which opens so many doors to relief.

adventurers for life

Adventurers for Life

Want to finally feel relief, find answers to your questions, and unlock activities like walking, stairs, and traveling again? Are you unsure where to start? 

I developed this revolutionary new membership program that meets you where you are at and catapults you to success. 

You’ll be provided with a step-by-step plan including workouts, tests to pass to make sure you are on the right track, as well as strategies to help reduce inflammation.

Are you ready to be an Adventurer for Life?

Keep the adventure alive
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