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Stacey had been dealing with right knee pain for the past 5 years. It kept gradually getting worse. After about 3 years, her knee osteoarthritis pain had taken all of her adventures away. She was no longer hiking, skiing, or running- all things she once loved.

She got multiple x-rays on her knees without many answers besides some arthritic changes. Her knees kept making all of these creaky noises and she thought that meant her knees were damaged. She tried exercise specifically for her knee but nothing seemed to last. She felt so lost. Every time she saw her doctor, she never had enough time to ask her questions. Medications and continued rest were the only solutions she ever heard.

She rested for two years, limiting all her activities because she didn’t want to make her pain worse. She became so tired of sitting inside, missing out on important memories, avoiding the adventures she had once loved. Understanding these myths was the first step for her to break free from her knee pain. She FINALLY was told adventure is possible and she felt hope for the first time in YEARS.

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