Kickstart your arthritis adventure

5 day challenge

What is an arthritis adventure?

If you have arthritis, we are always told the things we can’t do. But what happened to focusing on the things we can?! 

An arthritis adventure is a positive and empowering journey where you learn how to thrive with osteoarthritis. On this adventure you are able to find ways to do things you love. 

It’s more than “just losing weight” or “just exercising more”- but it’s what most people are told to do. This is one of the reasons so many are getting premature surgeries that could have been avoided.

I want you to know that surgery is not your only option. Yes, even if you are bone on bone or your doctor tells you it’s the “worst joint” he/she’s ever seen- an adventure is possible.

My mission is to spread hope far and wide to those with osteoarthritis. You can do this.

“I was diagnosed with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis. Essentially, I was given two options: injections and a knee replacement… I discovered Keep the Adventure Alive and discovered that I could take control of my arthritis symptoms…I found hope where there was none and discovered that surgery isn’t my only option. I am now full of hope that I can continue to live my life to the fullest and keep up with my two year old without pain.”

-Stacy, @shewriteswithhope

How do you unlock your arthritis adventure?

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kickstart your arthritis adventure

The schedule:

Monday May 24th: Learn what is possible with your arthritis instead of focusing on things you can’t do like most health professionals, today we are focusing on the things you CAN. We will also talk about the 3 biggest myths about arthritis and how to stop falling off the wagon!

Tuesday May 25th: Learn the best types of movement you should do to unlock the doors to pain relief. Many times we may not be getting as much benefit out of the exercise we are doing as we think we are. You will also get an exercise demonstration of 5 exercises to start doing today.

Wednesday May 26th: Learn just how powerful food can be on inflammation and join a very special guest as she takes us through a cooking class so you can learn a few tricks in the kitchen! You will learn a few of our favorite anti-inflammatory recipes too in our free handout!

Thursday May 27th: There is one key thing we are missing in our world today when it comes to pain relief. I want you to know exactly what that is plus join another special guest for an exclusive follow along surprise yoga class!

Friday May 28th: Today is a special giveaway for those that have attended all sessions! This giveaway is a secret but let me just tell you it has lots of goodies in it! We will also discuss how to finally find longer lasting pain relief.

knee arthritis pain relief

Who will be leading the show?

Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist. I am on a mission to show you that you can thrive with osteoarthritis. I have worked with countless people who have realized their dreams aren't as far away as they once thought. People I have worked with have returned to running, mountain biking, hiking, jumping, and so many other fun activities, despite having arthritis! I would love it if you joined us on this amazing journey so you can keep your adventure alive.