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Your opportunity to finally regain your active life + reduce your joint pain is here...

In order to make lasting change, you need the right exercises along with strategies that will help you continue to progress instead of getting stuck in a plateau, spinning your wheels.

Adventurers for Life is a step by step path to help you build strength in the right areas, master standing, feel better when walking, tackle the stairs and enjoy your life without limits- no matter where your osteoarthritis is.

No credit card required.

You’ll gain access to an intake quiz, follow along workouts that match your fitness level. This is the start to an exciting future. Each Level has a primary focus and they build upon each other.

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Imagine if this could be possible for you…

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What does the Free Trial of Adventurers for Life include?

You can't begin a new journey without a map and a starting point. Upon entering Adventurers for Life, you will answer a series of questions that points you to a starting spot matches your current abilities and fitness level. No more guessing which place is the best to start and no more feeling lost.

Over $1,000 of value

The 40+ follow along workouts with Dr. Alyssa, PT (and growing!) inside this membership have been tested by people WITH osteoarthritis. Workouts progress in difficulty in a strategic manner to prevent flares. There is a wide range of offerings including 5-40+ minute workouts, mobility routines, cardio routines and more!

Over $5,000 of value

Most Loved Feature! 🎉

It can be hard to know when you're ready to move on to the next workout and if your joints are ready to handle more difficulty. In this membership, at the end of each step, there is a physical test to pass. This test helps to determine your readiness to move on to prevent you from moving on too quickly and flaring up your pain.

Over $3,000 of value

You do not have to be tech-savvy to use Adventurers for Life. This membership is simple and easy to navigate. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. There is also customer service available and ready to help when needed, so you are in good hands.

One of the best ways to keep you on track and accountable is through thinking of what you have accomplished. After each step, you will record wins that you have accomplished. Both you and Dr. Alyssa, PT will be able to see these wins which can keep you motivated to push forward and see how far you've come. This is one aspect that is commonly forgotten about but arguably one of THE most important.

You'll have access to over 15 guides that detail how to reduce flares, how to stop overdoing it, the best ways to build strength for stairs and walking, anti inflammatory foods, and MORE. Arthritis relief is more than exercise. You'll also be equipped with the best treatment strategies.

Over $2,000 of value

And when you upgrade to a full member after your free trial you'll have access to:

As a full member, you'll gain access to the higher levels 4 and 5. This is where the exercises that focus on single leg strengthening for stair climbing and for kneeling, higher intensity workouts and more! With the free trial you have access to levels 1, 2 and 3.

You'll get the opportunity to join in LIVE workouts, support groups, masterclasses with experts on topics like anti-inflammatory eating, insulin resistance, psychology and more. You will have access to all previously recorded events + invitations to upcoming events.

Over $5,000 of value

You'll gain access to over 40 additional workouts inside of the Workout Library ranging in difficulty, equipment needed and intensity. Examples include: full body mobility workouts, Tai Chi, higher intensity for osteoporosis, foot strengthening and more!

Over $3,000 of value

As a full member, you'll gain access to the private Facebook group where members share wins, ask questions and learn about upcoming events. The Facebook group is optional and is not required.

Every Friday, you'll receive an email with updates that have been made in the platform, workouts that have been added as well as wins from fellow members!

This membership is for you if...

  • You are looking for the best ways to strengthen your joints without more pain.
  • If you feel like you’ve tried everything with no success.
  • You’re ready to finally enjoy walking, stop death gripping the railing on stairs and want to sleep through the night.
  • You’re dedicated to making a change and ready to work.
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