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An online course to help you find hope, pain relief, and possibility
for adventure with osteoarthritis


Some good news about your arthritis pain!

Would you like to finally have a better understanding about arthritis? Would you like to know the best kept secrets to living your best life by controlling joint pain? Are you tired of constantly worrying about the future because of those nagging joints?

Let me tell you something, you can lead a happy, adventurous life even with arthritis. 

If you are sitting there thinking, “I’m not sure if adventure is possible for me because…

My joints are bone on bone 

I was told I can never run or do high impact activities again

I have joint pain every time I try to move 

I have tried everything and I haven’t found relief

You are in the RIGHT spot. 

There is HOPE and THRIVING is possible, even with arthritis.

It’s time to unleash your arthritis adventure.

Meet Some of our arthritis adventurers

Hover over each box to find out the amazing things they have achieved by following the exact information in the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint!

Before we met, she was not confident skiing because her knee felt weak and painful...

Now, she is skiing without thinking twice!

Find new found strength and confidence in your knees to even go downhill on skis with the Blueprint.

Before we met, he had back pain ALL day long and he was tired of dealing with it...

Not only is he making it through the day with no pain, he is exercising every day!

I want to show you in the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint that running is actually possible to find relief from spinal osteoarthritis.

Before we met, she couldn't make it through a hike without severe knee pain.

She just hiked 5.5 miles without pain!

Hills can be your friend and you can actually enjoy hiking again by following the Blueprint.

You could be the next arthritis adventurer

You have the power to bring your adventure to life. Whether it’s running, hiking, skiing, or simply walking or getting out of pain so you can enjoy being with your grandkids again- it is possible by following the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint Online Course!

The ARthritis Adventure Blueprint
Online Course is coming!

You have the opportunity to unlock amazing opportunities for
yourself by overcoming your arthritis pain.

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What can I expect from this course?

You will be taken on a journey to find the best ways you can control inflammation and keep your adventure alive,  far different than anything you have tried before! This exact process will bring you a better understanding of what is going on in your body and what you can do to live the best possible life with it.

arthritis adventure blueprint online course

You will have access to a plan that is easy to understand and simple to implement including...

  • Exercising your mind before your body- a step I have found almost everyone misses
  • Learning which types of food and exercise are MOST important and which you should avoid
  • Showing you the most natural ways to cope with osteoarthritis
  • Creating a list of things you can do, instead of focusing on the things you can’t
dr alyssa kuhn

Meet your course creator, Dr. Alyssa Kuhn

Hi! I am a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist. In creating Keep the Adventure Alive, I have been on a mission to bring hope and optimism to those with osteoarthritis. I have met so many people who have completely changed their lives because of an arthritis diagnosis and/or pain that becomes debilitating. It doesn't have to be this way. It is possible to do things you never thought were possible again-even with arthritis! I have helped hundreds of people learn how to run, jump, hike, ski, mountain bike- all with varying degrees of osteoarthritis. I created this course because I want to give you the confidence you need and the hope to motivate you that amazing things are possible. It's time you start your arthritis adventure and I can't wait to see what you accomplish.