Reduce Hip Pain When Walking Quickly with 3 SIMPLE Strategies

hip pain when walking

Hip pain when walking can limit the distance you’re able to go, the speed at which you can move as well as your enjoyment when walking. Hip arthritis can be a common cause of pain when walking but there is good news. With three simple strategies you can not only reduce hip pain but you […]

Arthritis of the knee? 5 ways feel more confident walking longer distances

walking longer, arthritis of the knee

If you have arthritis of the knee, walking longer distances can become quite the challenge. If you have a trip coming up, want to return to neighborhood walks with your friends or  walk around Costco, this article is for you. As a physical therapist I often find people are commonly missing important movements in their […]

How to Increase Stamina (even if you have arthritis): 3 Tips to Start TODAY

how to increase stamina

When looking at how to increase stamina, joint pain and osteoarthritis can feel like they are standing in the way of your progress. When you have increased difficulty getting around, you may also notice you become more short of breath or you get tired much quicker than you used to. Not being able to keep […]

How to Mix Up Your In Home Walking Exercise to Maximize Arthritis Pain Relief

in home walking exercise

If you have arthritis, in home walking exercise can be extremely beneficial- but only if you are doing it the right way. There are specific movements that will help you to keep your joints healthy and relieve arthritis pain. The answer is actually NOT forwards walking or marching…Adding variety in your in home walking exercise […]

How to stop limping with arthritis: 3 key movements to master

limping with arthritis

Limping with arthritis can occur because your body is trying to spend as less time on your painful leg as possible. This is common when experiencing hip, knee and/or ankle osteoarthritis. When you begin to favor one side, your movement begins to change. This can actually lead to more arthritis pain, muscle tightness and other […]

Avoid this with front of hip pain! Do these 3 exercises instead

hip flexor tightness, front of hip pain

If you are dealing with front of hip pain, commonly known as hip flexor tightness- it’s possible to find relief! The key is finding out why it is happening then completing movements that don’t flare up the pain. As a physical therapist, hip flexor tightness is common in patients with hip osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis. […]

3 Exercises to Enjoy A Walk on the Beach without Arthritis Pain

walk on the beach, walking in sand

When dealing with arthritis pain, it can be difficult to enjoy a walk on the beach if your joints aren’t prepared. You can actually enjoy walking in the sand though with the proper strength and balance. Research has actually shown walking in sand has many benefits both physically and mentally. I mean who wouldn’t want […]