9 BEST Ab Exercises Standing Up That Are Nice To Your Arthritic Joints!

ab exercises standing up

When you have arthritic joints, getting up and down from the floor can be challenging. But, it is vital to have a strong core for many different reasons, so ab exercises standing up come to the rescue! There are so many ways you can still challenge your core muscles that doesn’t involve getting on the […]

3 things to AVOID to prevent degenerative disc disease from getting worse

prevent degenerative disc disease from getting worse

In order to prevent degenerative disc disease from getting worse, you have to understand why you’re in pain, find movements your body likes again, and avoid giving up hope. Many times people are misled that surgery is the quick fix but, surprisingly the failed surgery rates are upwards of 50% for those with lower back […]

Does exercise make osteoarthritis worse? What most don’t tell you- Updated 2023

does exercise make osteoarthritis worse?

The answer is no, exercise doesn’t make osteoarthritis worse. It can actually be pain relieving when done right. A common misconception about osteoarthritis is that it is caused by “wear and tear” and thus, people significantly reduce physical activity levels. But, rest may be causing more harm than good. Research has shown that moderate loading […]

5 easy to follow ways to relieve lower back pain when bending over

how to decrease lower back pain when bending over

You are not alone if you struggle with lower back pain when bending over. It can be challenging to deal with but I want you to know there is hope for relief! Back pain, especially when bending over can be quite common. The problem is, most of them don’t know how to relieve the pain […]

10 Best TRX Leg Exercises You Should be Doing in 2022 If You Have Joint Pain

best trx leg exercises

The 10 best TRX leg exercises you can do for stronger legs and more confidence in your joints include supported squat variations, lunges, lateral stepping, march forward and back, single leg balance, and jumping. TRX suspension training is an amazing tool for those new to exercise or those dealing with joint pain, especially arthritis. It […]

The Best Anti Inflammatory Foods List PDF 2023 For Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

anti inflammatory foods list pdf

This anti inflammatory foods list PDF will give you the best foods to eat to decrease the inflammation in your body. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and other chronic conditions are exacerbated by low grade, chronic inflammation. According to a recent study, “… dietary interventions are a particularly promising therapeutic treatment for chronic pain, with numerous […]