11 Ankle Arthritis Exercises You NEED to Know To Be Able to Adventure

ankle arthritis exercises, chronic ankle pain

Ankle arthritis exercises can help you to unlock the pain relief you need to be able to adventure! Activities walking, hiking, skiing, and running are very dependent on your ankles. The healthier you can keep your ankle joints, the easier these activities will be. Imagine if you could walk on uneven ground or feel balanced […]

How to find the RIGHT Arthritis Specialist For You in 2024

arthritis specialist

An arthritis specialist is someone who has experience in treating those with a certain type of arthritis, usually rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. These clinicians and practitioners explore all options and stay up to date with the most current treatments. Seeing an arthritis specialist can help you understand all of your options as well as the […]

5 simple ways to find relief in ankle with arthritis from a physical therapist

ankle with arthritis relief

An ankle with arthritis can be tricky but there are ways you can find relief! There are a few important aspects to finding relief including building ankle muscle strength as well as making sure it is moving how it should. Research points to conservative treatment as the first step in treatment including weight loss, movement, […]

Joint pain after flying? 5 Steps to prevent joint stiffness on an airplane

joint pain after flying

Is the worry of joint pain after flying or long travel times holding you back from going on your next trip? With osteoarthritis, joint stiffness can be one of the most frustrating symptoms, especially when you have to sit for prolonged times with limited opportunity to stretch. It can make getting up and walking very […]

How is osteoarthritis diagnosed: 4 ways to know if you have it

how is osteoarthritis diagnosed

How is osteoarthritis diagnosed? Do you have a suspicion that your joint stiffness, swelling, and pain may be caused by osteoarthritis? Not sure what comes next? Getting a diagnosis can be a scary process, but is absolutely necessary to understand how to treat, stop progress of a disease, and ultimately get you back on track […]

The Best Anti Inflammatory Foods List PDF 2023 For Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

anti inflammatory foods list pdf

This anti inflammatory foods list PDF will give you the best foods to eat to decrease the inflammation in your body. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and other chronic conditions are exacerbated by low grade, chronic inflammation. According to a recent study, “… dietary interventions are a particularly promising therapeutic treatment for chronic pain, with numerous […]

How To Choose the BEST Shoes For Foot Pain Relief in 2023

best shoes for foot pain relief

Finding foot pain relief can open so many doors when it comes to what you are able to accomplish! Starting with the right shoes can be one of the best first steps. If you suffer from pain when walking or even just when resting while wearing shoes, then you’ll know just how unbearable this can […]

TOP 11 Arthritis MUST HAVES if you are looking for pain relief

arthritis must haves

After seeing hundreds of people with osteoarthritis, I have compiled as list of 11 arthritis must haves to help you find pain relief. Keep in mind, each person’s body will respond differently to each of these strategies below. That is why it is so important to have options in your “tool box” if you encounter […]