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Tackle your osteoarthritis pain even if you feel like you've tried everything

and learn how to stop your arthritis from getting worse.

So often, we help people who are totally fed up with arthritis pain. They feel like they have tried everything but the pain is STILL there.

We also help those that have failed traditional physical therapy and exercise just hasn’t been working for them.

People also come to us who want to do everything possible to avoid surgery because they want to continue leading an active life.

It’s time to stop letting arthritis dictate our lives and we want to give you the resources so you believe that is POSSIBLE.

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Knee Arthritis

Learn the foundations to climb stairs with ease before tackling anything else.

Knee Arthritis

Before we start exercising our bodies, we have to exercise our minds. If what you are believing about knee osteoarthritis wrong, this is why you aren't seeing results. Learn with our 3 Stair Climbing Secrets first!
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Degenerative Disc Disease

Learn the 5 Things That Are Making Degenerative Disc Disease Worse FIRST.

Degenerative Disc Disease

You won't find pain relief if you are continuing to make your pain worse. Many times, people are making their own pain worse without even knowing it! Learn the 5 Things That Are Making Your Degenerative Disc Disease Worse first before taking a one on one journey.
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I'm ready now!

If you are ready to jump head first into your journey and you know this is for you, let's get started.

One on one journey

We only work with those who are dedicated and motivated to get rid of their pain. If you are ready to invest in yourself and finally see the results you have been searching for, let's do this. All our services are offered in person (in Utah) or virtually. The first step is hop on a quick call so Dr. Alyssa Kuhn can learn more about you.
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The keep the aDventure alive philosophy:


We firmly believe you must exercise your mind before your body when it comes to arthritis. The more you LEARN about your pain, the better you are at getting rid of it. Most people tend to skip this though and can lead to failure.


It is possible to move without pain if you have arthritis. We show your body how to move properly again so your joints love you again. There is hope, even if you have been dealing with pain for years. We get clients back to running, hiking, skiing, and other things they never thought were possible.


In order for adventure to be possible, we have to build a routine that works for you. Once we have this, you can UNLOCK so many opportunities for yourself. An adventure is anything that makes you happy and we want you to be able to do what you want when you want without worrying about pain.

dr alyssa kuhn

How many times have you seen a healthcare professional and they told you that there wasn’t really anything you could do about your arthritis pain? Or just automatically make a referral to surgery?

Dr Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist and has made it her mission to give YOU back the power with your arthritis. She is breaking through the beliefs that arthritis is “wear and tear” and “nothing can be done”. She has proven time and time again with her clients, ANYTHING is possible. 

No longer do you have a long list of things you can’t do. We can learn to jump, hike, run, and live your life again! Take the leap with us to learn how.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you: 801-839-5592