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Are you looking to find arthritis pain relief and regain your active life?

Adventurers for Life equips you with the path to open the doors to pain relief and adventure

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Osteoarthritis Travel Guide

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An active, adventurous life is possible even if:

Everyone's arthritis journey is different but the key to making adventure possible is the same: taking the right action. Adventurers for Life provides the path you need.

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If you're in the mild stages of arthritis or have been told you are bone on bone- there is hope.

You just need the right steps forward.

No more wasting precious time or money on “treatments” that don’t work.

No more missing out on memories.

You have an opportunity to bring your goals to life.

Although their journeys may look different, the people below have one thing in common: they got started.

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adventurers for life
arthritis workout program

Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel of constantly trying treatments that only bring short term relief?

💉 Wish you didn’t have to rely on cortisone injections every couple of months?

💊 Unable to make it through the day without pain medications?

😴 Tired of not being able to sleep through the night?

🚶🏽 Wish you could walk further without limping or hurting for hours later?

🙌🏽 Do you wish you had the exact steps so you could find pain relief that lasts?

You are in the right place.

dr alyssa kuhn

Hi, I’m Alyssa if we haven’t met yet 👋🏻

As a doctor of physical therapy and an osteoarthritis specialist, I want you to know there is HOPE, even if you’ve been told “nothing can be done”. I’m here to guide you down the path to making your adventures come to life.

I decided to specialize in osteoarthritis after I became so frustrated that almost everyone with a diagnosis of osteoarthritis is told, it’s not possible to live an active life. Many are encouraged to stop doing the things that they love 😣

After years of working with people with osteoarthritis, diving into the research, experimenting with movements and seeing firsthand how powerful the right habits can be- I developed the best path that can unlock relief, progress, and adventure.

Now, almost 1,000 people have been on this path and people have accomplished things they NEVER thought were possible again…

Whether you’re looking to avoid surgery or optimize your recovery after surgery- the goal remains the same: to feel free to do what you want without being tied down by pain. 

I created Adventurers for Life because living an active life and keeping your joint(s) healthy is an ongoing journey- a journey that you no longer have to do alone.

Inside Adventurers for Life, you’ll find a personalized path just for you.

I realized that way too often people are either missing out on progress by sticking in their comfort zone with easy movements or they’re trying movements their joints simply aren’t ready for yet.

No more trying to power through workouts that seem to just aggravate your joints.

No more worrying about hurting yourself in the gym.

No more wondering if you are doing the right things for your joint(s) or if you are making your arthritis worse.

No more settling for easier workouts because you’re scared of increasing your pain.

Based on an initial questionnaire, you’ll start in the best place that matches your current fitness level along the path below. If you’re just beginning or journey or are further along- we’ve got you covered.

This arthritis workout program sets you up for success from the get-go.

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What does Adventurers for Life include?

You can't begin a new journey without a map and a starting point. Upon entering Adventurers for Life, you will answer a series of questions that points you to a starting spot matches your current abilities and fitness level. No more guessing which place is the best to start and no more feeling lost.

Over $1,000 of value

The 30+ follow along workouts with Dr. Alyssa, PT (and growing!) inside this membership have been tested by people WITH osteoarthritis. Workouts progress in difficulty in a strategic manner to prevent flares. There is a wide range of offerings including 5-40+ minute workouts, mobility routines, cardio routines and more!

Over $5,000 of value

Most Anticipated Feature! 🎉

It can be hard to know when you're ready to move on to the next workout and if your joints are ready to handle more difficulty. In this membership, at the end of each step, there is a physical test to pass. This test helps to determine your readiness to move on to prevent you from moving on too quickly and flaring up your pain.

Over $3,000 of value

"Rescue remedies" are ideas cultivated from current members. These are short compilations of movements and stretches that are most helpful if you find yourself getting stiff and/or painful during certain activities. You will see short movements you can do to help relieve your symptoms if you are sitting or standing for a while, riding in a car or airplane, dealing with morning stiffness, and more.

Over $500 of value

You do not have to be tech-savvy to use Adventurers for Life. This membership is simple and easy to navigate. You can access it from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. There is also customer service available and ready to help when needed, so you are in good hands.

You have the ability to "FAVORITE" workouts and create your own personal workout library of workouts you like. This way, you can come back to them easily. No more having to keep track of which workouts you liked and spend time finding them. Now, they will be right at your fingertips with just a couple of clicks!

One of the best ways to keep you on track and accountable is through thinking of what you have accomplished. After each step, you will record wins that you have accomplished. Both you and Dr. Alyssa, PT will be able to see these wins which can keep you motivated to push forward and see how far you've come. This is one aspect that is commonly forgotten about but arguably one of THE most important.

You'll have access to over 15 guides that detail how to reduce flares, how to stop overdoing it, the best ways to build strength for stairs and walking, anti inflammatory foods, and MORE. Arthritis relief is more than exercise. You'll also be equipped with the best treatment strategies.

Over $2,000 of value

Would you like the opportunity to meet others who are going through a journey similar to yours while also getting the answers to your questions surrounding nutrition, walking, climbing stairs, weight loss and more?! Each month there is at least one virtual event inside Adventurers for Life that you can join via Zoom.

Past events include: a Nutritionist speaking on supplements and protein for OA, an exclusive walking question and answer with me, an exclusive stair climbing question and answer with me (you have access to ALL recordings!)

Upcoming events include: Anti-Inflammatory Cooking Class, Support group to meet other members and to share your story, class on insulin resistance and weight loss AND MORE!

Recordings are always available if you cannot attend live or want to re-watch.

Over $5,000+ of value

That is over $14,000 of value, packed into Adventurers for Life for less than $25 per week! 😍 PLUS get the two EXCLUSIVE bonuses if purchased before Monday, August 21st at 9pm Mountain Time

This Sale Has Expired

Also Included in Adventurers For Life:

Growing Workout Library

In addition to the 30 workouts already inside Adventurers for Life, you’ll also gain access to a growing workout library with recovery workouts, kettlebell workouts, quick 5-10 minute workouts, cardio workouts, core and balance workouts, warm-ups, cool downs, potential guest workouts and MORE!

EXTRA $3,000 of VALUE!

Printable arthritis BONUSES

You’ll get access to exclusive bonuses including:

  • Walking Warm-up Guide
  • Morning Routine Guide
  • My favorite arthritis podcasts
  • Pain relieving strategies 
  • and MORE! 


EXTRA $1,000 of VALUE!

That's $4,000 in ADDED BONUSES!

So now you have over $14,000 of value for the price of one restaurant meal per week. How much would finding relief and regaining an active life mean to you? You’ll never know what is possible until you try.

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Plus the opportunity for these two exclusive bonuses!

This Sale Has Expired

Adventurers for Life can open so many doors for you no matter where you're at in your journey.

Take a look at some accomplishments from the 200+ members inside already who range from just starting out to those looking for higher level challenges.

Standing Wins 👏🏽

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standing with arthritis
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Walking wins 🎉

hip arthritis pain relief
walking win
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walking with arthritis workout program
walking arthritis

Stair Climbing Wins 💪🏼

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stair climbing arthritis

Consistency Wins ✅

arthritis workout program
arthritis exercise
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If these thoughts have crossed your mind...

“I’m too far gone, I have no cartilage left”

“Pain is normal at my age”

“I’m so afraid to move because I might hurt myself more”

“I’m desperate for relief but nothing seems to help”

“I really want to avoid surgery but I’m told it’s inevitable”

“I’m so tired of being told what I CAN’T do instead of what I can”

You simply don't have to accept, "I used to be so active". It's time to make a change. Your joints are craving movement.

Each one of these people below were once frustrated, afraid, worried about the future, overwhelmed and/or unsure where to start. Now, look what they've been able to accomplish.
arthritis adventure
exercise and osteoarthritis
adventurers for life
adventurers for life joint pain
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arthritis adventure
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adventures with osteoarthritis

Take a look inside 👀

Join the easy to follow, simple arthritis workout program to keep your progress moving forward.

No more weeding through huge workout libraries.

No more worrying if you are doing the right thing for your joints.

Think of the one thing you would like to be able to do. Imagine how good it would feel.

For less than $100 per month, your adventures and goals could come to life ✅
adventurers for life


This Sale Has Expired

osteoarthritis (5)

Plus get these two brand new guides for FREE with membership!

Valid until Monday, August 21st at 9pm Mountain Time

Do not lose your momentum...

You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain. Without action, pain will continue to increase. This is your opportunity to take back control over your life and your movement.

You will have access to over $14,000 of value plus two exclusive bonuses for only $25 per week 😱


Frequently Asked Questions

The program is set up where you go inside a Level. In each Level there are 5 steps and you go one step at a time. Each step has 2 workouts and a test to pass before moving on. You stay in that step until you complete each workout 2-3 times. Then you’ll take the test and move onto the next step. 

This structure allows for you to only focus on 2 workouts and one-two goals at a time without feeling overwhelmed. 

Yes! This membership encompasses a full body approach. Even with lower extremity osteoarthritis, strengthening your upper body is vital to your success. 

In Level 1 and 2, most workouts are full body. Once you get into Level 3 and 4, upper body and lower body specific workouts are also included.

In an arthritis workout program, it is essential to take a full body approach instead of focusing just on one joint. The entire body is connected!

This membership is entirely self-paced. You will start at whichever level you tested in at and you will have access to one step at a time. 

We do hold virtual events on varying topics that are set for certain dates. I will always upload the recording inside the membership under “Events and Resources” in case you miss it and cannot attend live.

None of the videos will expire.

This arthritis workout program membership takes a full body approach. 

I often find a common mistake people make is just focusing on one joint. Instead, the way the rest of your body moves directly impacts your other joints.

For example, the way your hips, lower and mid back move can impact how your knee moves. Your ankle can also play a direct role in your knee as well. 

This program can be suitable if you have: 

  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Spine Osteoarthritis/Chronic Back Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Ankle Osteoarthritis 
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis
Adventurers for Life contains both weight training and bodyweight movements. Levels 3,4, and 5 include higher level strength training and balance that are beneficial to both osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 
The membership also includes opportunities for kettlebell training too. 
The good thing about these workouts is you can very easily increase the difficulty by using more weights or increasing the speed of certain movements so there is great flexibility there too. 
This could absolutely help you get on the path to feel stronger and getting ideas on how to move your body safely. 
  • The whole goal of this membership is to create a community to bring encouragement, support, and togetherness. There is a members-only Facebook Community where you can access other members, ask questions, share wins, and get motivated. Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, PT and team are available to answer any questions that come up for tech support, guidance inside the membership and other questions you may have along the way via email at There will also be opportunities for live Q&A sessions for you to get your questions answered while learning from others as well. 

Most people in the program do the workouts 3-5 times per week. Ultimately it comes down to what works best for you. If you’re short on time, the workout library offers other options for shorter routines too. 

This will depend on what level you start at. You can find all the equipment that is recommended in my Amazon store. Much of the equipment is the same as the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint aside from the longer resistance bands that are closed in the door. The equipment necessary is as follows: 

  • Dumbbells starting at ~1-5lbs (~1-3 kilos) as well as a heavier set of 8-10lbs (~4-6 kilos). You can also use soup cans or water bottles when getting started for Level 1-3
  • A sturdy, firm chair without wheels (patio chairs tend to work great for this)
  • Small, loop resistance bands for Level 1-3
  • Resistance tubing that closes in the door for Level 3 (if you already have long resistance bands/tubing, you can also just get a small anchor that allows you to shut them in the door)
  • Mini aerobic step or step stool (around 4 inches)
  1. As a quarterly member, you can cancel anytime and there will be no more future charges. You’ll continue to have access to “Adventurers for Life” for the remainder of your membership. Prorated refunds are not available. 
  2. As an annual member, you may also cancel at any time. If you cancel within the first 30 days from purchase, you qualify for a prorated refund. To receive a refund, simply email with your request.
  3. After your first 30 days of your annual membership, you can cancel at any time to avoid automatic renewal and still have access until your membership expires. Prorated refunds are not available.

Yes! One of the key treatments to help build stronger bones is weight-bearing exercise, resistance training, and higher impact exercise. 

One of the common problems I find with many other workouts out there to help osteoporosis is they can flare up joint pain if you also have osteoarthritis.

The workouts inside Adventurers for Life give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to get stronger without flaring up your joint pains. 

Absolutely! Based upon your answers to the initial quiz, you will be placed in the best possible place for you to start. Level 1 of the membership focuses on mastering standing. Level 2 focuses on getting better at walking. Level 3 addresses higher level strength. 

For example, if you are placed in Level 2, you will also have the opportunity to go back to Level 1, if you’d like to start at the beginning.

There is great flexibility to ensure this is the best journey possible for you. 

YES! An overwhelming yes. After a joint replacement, it is so incredibly important to rebuild strength and prevent compensations from arising. You went through an extensive process to find relief and have worked hard in recovery. 

Adventurers for Life provides an excellent way to continue to build strength, balance, and stamina to open the doors to adventure. I often find if an exercise program isn’t followed after a major surgery like this one, you can risk the need for further surgeries, continued pain, and/or loss of range of motion. 

As much as I would love it if insurance covered this membership, unfortunately it does not. There is potential for this membership to be covered by Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts but that is very dependent on what services they reimburse for. You may need a letter of medical necessity from your doctor to submit as well. Here is an example.

Right now there is a quarterly payment option (pay for 3 months at a time) and an annual option (pay for 12 months at a time). This is because in order to find arthritis relief and unlock the adventures you are looking for you have to make a commitment to yourself. This is truly set up to make you an adventurer for life. In order to do that, you need both time and consistency. The idea is to dedicate at least 3 months to your goals as most people see better results the longer they are exposed to the membership including workouts and information on the condition they weren’t aware of.

If you have purchased the online course, the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint, you will still have access and nothing will change about that course. You will still login the same way you have been. There is a possibility that we migrate the course over to this website as well in the future. 

The Arthritis Adventure Blueprint is a general framework that helps you build the foundation for pain relief and to begin to build confidence for activities like walking distances, stair climbing, and squatting. The membership will take the workouts and information to the next level to feel more confident and able to accomplish the goals you are aspiring to achieve. Not quite walking how far you want to? The membership dives deep into building walking tolerance and stamina. Not climbing stairs as well as you would like to? The membership takes your training to the next level to get you there. The membership is also made to give you a next step once you finish the Blueprint.