Arthritis Friendly Resistance Bands Set


This special Keep the Adventure Alive Resistance Bands Set is recommended by me, Dr. Alyssa, physical therapist and arthritis specialist! These bands will help you build muscle strength and easily add difficulty to your workouts so you return to your adventure. These bands are incredibly versatile and can help guide you through arthritis friendly movements.

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Meet the Arthritis Friendly Resistance Band Set

This is a resistance band set that will help you unlock osteoarthritis pain! These Keep the Adventure Alive resistance bands can be used with the Arthritis Adventure Blueprint if you aren’t sure where to begin. If you are looking to stay adventurous and in control of your osteoarthritis pain, building stronger joints is a crucial part of treatment.

This resistance band set comes with 5 varying resistances from green (lightest) to black (heaviest) so you can vary up your workout routines and movements! You will be able to progress difficulty of your workout. Keep in mind, if you don’t progress the difficulty of your exercises, you may not be making as much progress as you think.

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist and arthritis specialist who is on a mission to show you the amazing possibilities despite arthritis.

There are many different, arthritis friendly exercises you can do with this lovely resistance bands set and I cannot wait to send you a set!

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