Personalized Monthly Arthritis Workout Plan- For previous customers only


This Monthly Arthritis Workout Plan includes 4 full weeks of personalized workouts 5 days per week with 2 programmed rest days. Each exercise is chosen by Dr. Alyssa based on your goals. We specialize in working around aches and pains along with other medical conditions that may have been previously hindering your progress!

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The Monthly Arthritis Workout Plan After In Home/Virtual Services

After working with Keep the Adventure Alive with in home services of at least 4 visits, you have the opportunity to stay on track with our personalized arthritis workout plan at a discounted rate.

Keep the Adventure Alive is all about bringing hope and optimism to osteoarthritis. Do you want to get started with exercise but aren’t sure the best exercises for your arthritis? The monthly arthritis workout program is meant to help you create a plan for pain relief. Look no further. Pain relief is finally within your reach. No matter if you are working out a home, in the gym, if you’re a beginner or if you have a history of exercise- we can accommodate it all! That’s the best part about this personalized arthritis workout plan.

What do you get?

4 weeks of personalized exercise programs emailed to you on a weekly basis

5 exciting and unique workouts per week with 2 programmed rest days

Video explanations and instructions (see a sample here) for each exercise so there is no guesswork in what you need to be doing

Constant contact with Dr. Alyssa regarding any questions you have or modifications you need

Who is this for?

This program is for those who have specifically worked with us in person or virtually, one on one and are looking to maintain their gains! These are people that are motivated to keep moving their progress forward and want continued guidance. Let’s be real, we all do better with a plan.

We specialize in working with people that have other conditions or aches and pains. No matter if you have osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain, or other health conditions, we take each into consideration to give you a safe and effective workout program. Exercise can be so powerful, giving you more energy, more confidence, more motivation. You shouldn’t have to miss out that because of something else you have going on!

Take it from some of our current clients who have gone through the arthritis workout plan:

“Alyssa is phenomenal at what she does! I went to her with hip and foot pain that was beginning to create struggles in my every day activities! Not only was she able to pinpoint the issues, she created a personalized plan that worked for me. I have been pain free for months and have returned again to my every daily activities! Alyssa is not only professional, she is knowledgeable, and personable in her approach! I highly recommend Alyssa and her services!!” (Jamie)

“I really love my Adventure Alive home workout program. I am usually a gym person, but when COVID-19 hit, I started working out in my basement. My workouts were weak and I didn’t know what exercises to do without major equipment. Then I started my program from Alyssa and it was just what I needed. With very limited equipment she put together workouts that were burning way more calories than I was even in the gym. I love to run, but I need to do strength training. She put together a program for me that was both. She made accommodations for old injuries that I have as well.  Now that I am enjoying the convenience of a home workout and getting good results, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a gym. I highly recommend!” (Kailey)

This Arthritis Workout Plan is exactly what you need to be well on your way to finally finding pain relief. It will take effort, it will take work but you can totally do this. Let us here at Keep the Adventure Alive take the guess work out of it for you so you have more time to focus on doing what is best for you and your adventures. Let’s get those adventures back!

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