Arthritis Workout Planner


The Arthritis Adventure Planner makes it incredibly easy for anyone with arthritis or joint pain to create their own workouts without having to worry if the exercises will hurt their joints further! You can create a safe workout and complete it in under 20 minutes, how easy is that?!


Meet the Arthritis Workout Planner.

We get it. Planning out your workouts can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if you have arthritis.

Scouring the web for a Youtube workout video that ends up being way too hard or not what you were looking for.

Asking friends and family what has worked for them, but when you try it, you just get frustrated because it flares up your pain. 

If you are dealing with osteoarthritis or joint pain, you may be unsure about which exercises are safe for your joints or which aren’t going to cause more pain. When this is the case, we tend to avoid activity or hesitate when attempting to exercise because we aren’t confident in our choices.

If we don’t exercise with osteoarthritis, you run the risks of:

  • premature surgeries with risk of infection or complications
  • dependency on pain medications without a conservative way to manage pain
  • continued weakness leading to inability to complete daily tasks, let alone activities you love
  • unwanted weight gain due to decreased activity
  • continued fear of movement leading to a negative spiral of inactivity

BUT if we do exercise with osteoarthritis you could experience:

  • increased energy levels without mid-afternoon crashes
  • more confidence in your body and in your future
  • increased quality of life because you no longer have to say no to hiking, walking, or other physical activity with family, grandkids or friends
  • less pain without surgery or painkillers

It is SO worth it to take some time to get yourself on a good workout program. The primary goal of this program is to make it easy for you to create and stick to your own workouts. You choose the exercises from a carefully crafted list and you decide your adventure.

What is the Arthritis Workout Planner?

The Arthritis Workout Planner covers all fitness levels with room to progress in each one (beginner, intermediate, advanced). No matter where you are at, we can meet you there.

Each stage has its own set of recommendations for frequency and exercises.

In each level, you will receive 9 different exercises split into 3 categories.

  • Lower body
  • Upper body
  • Core & Balance

Each day you will choose an exercise from each category from a list of exercises created by Dr. Alyssa Kuhn herself. Each exercise then has the designated amount of repetitions to do and a corresponding video on how to complete the exercise. See a sample exercise video here.

All you have to do is pick exercises and plug them into your workout. You can create a workout in less than 1 minute with the Arthritis Workout Planner.


No longer do you have to dread trying to come up with an exercise routine or trying to find one on the internet. We have done the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick your exercises and get moving!

Why do you need the Arthritis Workout Planner?

It’s simple. Exercise remains one of the most POWERFUL ways to manage osteoarthritis pain.

If you are not loading your joint, i.e if you have decreased your activity levels, processes that favor cartilage break down then beginThat is something that we definitely don’t want. As it turns out, exercise is actually great for our cartilage because our bodies are meant to move. Going all the way back to the cave man days, our bodies are not meant to rest. Resting our arthritic joints can actually cause more damage.

In order to get the benefits from exercise, you have to be doing the right exercises. If you are doing exercises that flare up your pain, you may be doing more harm than good. If you are doing the same exercises over and over again, you may not be getting the benefits that you think you are.

Using this arthritis workout planner, Dr. Alyssa Kuhn has made this process so simple for you to get these benefits in less than 15 minutes per day! 

Who is this for?

The Arthritis Workout Planner is perfect for those who:

  • are looking for more guidance on what the best exercises for their arthritis are
  • have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or have been dealing with chronic joint pain that will not go away
  • are frustrated trying to come up with their own routines all the time
  • are tired of dealing with joint pain and are looking to avoid joint surgery
  • have had a joint surgery and are looking to get moving again
  • are at any fitness level- beginner to advanced

Has this worked for others?

The answer is YES. These exercises are proven to help with variations of arthritis pain. Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist and has helped hundreds of people across the world find relief from their arthritis pain. This is a proven system she has created that can give you back the power to choose your own adventure instead of being dictated by arthritis pain.

Take it from some of our previous clients: 

“Alyssa was a Godsend! After visiting several different kinds of doctors and therapists, I found her on Instagram. She continues to educate and help even though our home visits are finished. Her program has helped me more than anything else to educate myself and to keep myself mobile. I would highly recommend her!” -Melanie

“Alyssa’s program keeps me interested. She creates workout plans that are challenging yet doable. There is always something new which keeps it from being monotonous, but she keeps enough exercises constant so that I can memorize certain movements which keeps it familiar. I feel much better about my future in terms of managing pain and stiffness. I realize now that I have some control over my destiny and that is very comforting. Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable. ” -Lori

Get your Arthritis Workout Planner today. Your adventure awaits.


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