Join us Thursday, February 11th

Free Webinar

How to Keep your Adventure Alive with Knee arthritis pain

3 things you need to know

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Here is what you will learn

  • Understand what knee osteoarthritis is and what causes it
  • Realize common myths around knee osteoarthritis and find out the truth
  • Complete a brief movement assessment to see what may be causing your pain
  • Leave with a plan on how to start addressing your knee pain naturally so you can keep your adventure alive

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happy family after knee arthritis program

Join in 6:30pm MST on February 11th, 2021

More details and the link to the webinar will be sent directly to your email so make sure you check it after registering!

If you are unable to attend at the designated time, there will be a recording available at the same link afterwards.

dr alyssa kuhn

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a fan of the mountains and adventure ever since she moved to Sandy, Utah. You can usually find her skiing, hiking, biking, or in the gym. She takes health and wellness very seriously, not just for others but for herself too!

She is a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist helping people all over the world find relief from osteoarthritis pain. Her main mission as founder of Keep the Adventure Alive is to change the negative associations with arthritis to optimism, hope, and motivation.

She wants to spread to the world that an arthritis diagnosis doesn’t mean your adventure has to be over! She has seen so many people who are misguided and lost in the traditional medical system leading to premature surgery, and poor quality of life. 

Email any questions to: alyssa@keeptheadventurealive.com