We help Knee arthritis sufferers learn how to move without pain in order to avoid surgery and keep adventure alive.

Home Physical Therapy Exercises for Knee Arthritis

lose knee pain, gain adventure program

No more scouring Google for exercises that won’t work or that flare up your knee pain. No more saying no to important memories because of pain. No more thinking surgery and pain pills are your only option. Introducing the 8 Week Knee Osteoarthritis Exercise Guide full of home physical therapy exercises for knee arthritis!

exercises for knee osteoarthritis

Imagine your life without knee pain...

What would you do?

Introducing our 8 week, arthritis friendly, home workout program!

What you will get:

  • An 8 week program complete of 5 workouts of home physical therapy exercises for knees each week with 2 rest days.
  • Video instruction for each exercise made by Dr. Alyssa so you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Workouts that are easily completed in 10-20 minutes at home or with limited space! 
  • Hand chosen exercises for knee osteoarthritis that have been PROVEN to work for clients in your exact same position to relieve pain and build confidence again.

Who is this for?

  • Those that want to finally stop being controlled by their pain
  • Those who want to feel stronger, more confident, and more energetic
  • Those who are dealing with knee pain in one or both knees OR those who want to prevent knee pain from occurring 
  • Those who are just starting on their exercise journey, had to change their exercise journey because of pain, or those that have taken a long break from exercise and want to return! This is perfect for beginner-moderate fitness levels.
knee osteoarthritis home program

This is an incredible value!

8 week program complete with video instruction for each exercise ($800 value)

PLUS: Weight loss guide with The Top 3 Weight Loss Tips to Actually Lose Weight & 5 Steps You Can Take Today ($200 value) 

AND: Stretching and mobility guide with the The Top 5 stretches you should be doing for your knee ($200 value)

Over $1200 of value for ONLY $57 for a limited time!

Janet Hall
Janet Hall
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Glad I purchased the program. I like the format, it is streamlined but thorough and the embedded demo links are very helpful. It's great to have some new exercises, and variations for others that are familiar. Also, understanding the progressions over the weeks is helpful to stay motivated.
Connie Davis
Connie Davis
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I just finished week 3 and I am pleased with this program. I know it is helping and so grateful to you. Thank you Alyssa!

Here's the truth.

The longer you wait, the higher the risk of needing surgery.

The longer you wait for your knee pain to simply “go away” and the more you keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow”, your knee pain could potentially be getting worse. Pain levels could continue to get worse with muscular weakness and inactivity. Inactivity is actually one of the main reasons osteoarthritis gets worse.

If your osteoarthritis progresses you could be looking at:

-earlier surgeries with increased risk for need of surgical revision

-more doctor’s appointments for pain control

-dependency on pain pills without conservative ways to treat pain

-more complications with muscular weakness and weight gain

BUT, know we are here for you and can help to prevent all of these above scenarios for only $57! Doing just 10 minutes of activity a day, consistently can truly change your life.

Your adventure awaits.

home physical therapy exercises for knee arthritis

Special bonuses

You will receive not only one, but TWO additional, free guides!

Two things can contribute to the SUCCESS of this exercise program and your pain levels. These two things are body weight and make up, and how well your knee moves! This is why we have included these 2 FREE guides.

Guide #1: Top 3 Tips on How to Actually Lose Weight that you haven’t tried before! This guide will show you common mistakes people make when losing weight and simple ways to fix them.

This guide also contains 5 steps to start losing weight today that have been proven to work for those that have arthritis and those over 50 years old.

Weight loss can be frustrating, stressful, and difficult when we don’t have a plan to follow and are relying on Google for our answers. We want to make it very simple for you to FINALLY see success. Exercise is a portion of weight loss but does include other strategies that can expedite the process! 

Guide #2:  The Top 5 stretches you should be doing to take care of your knee! If you lose range of motion in your knee, it can dramatically impact the way you walk and can skyrocket your pain levels. These are 5 easy to follow videos that walk you through the best ways to keep your knee moving how it should! 

What others are saying

"Alyssa's program keeps me interested. She creates workout plans that are challenging yet doable. There is always something new which keeps it from being monotonous, but she keeps enough exercises constant so that I can memorize certain movements which keeps it familiar. I feel much better about my future in terms of managing pain and stiffness. I realize now that I have some control over my destiny and that is very comforting. Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable"


"I love the workout programs Alyssa provides for me each week. The exercises challenge me, but are never too difficult. I can feel my body changing and becoming stronger. My joints are feeling and moving a lot better."


"I am usually a gym person, but when COVID-19 hit, I started working out in my basement. My workouts were weak and I didn’t know what exercises to do without major equipment. Then I started my program from Alyssa and it was just what I needed. Now that I am enjoying the convenience of a home workout and getting good results, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a gym. I highly recommend!"


Home Physical Therapy Exercises without stepping foot into a clinic!

Learn the best exercises to get rid of knee osteoarthritis pain without going to a physical therapy clinic! In the comfort of you own home you can start tackling your knee pain. Limited equipment is needed and you have the support of Dr. Alyssa Kuhn as you complete this program! These exercises have helped hundreds of people so far and you could be next. 

Imagine your life without knee pain…

Imagine the things you could accomplish…

Imagine how much happier you will be…


By committing to this program, you are on your way to turning those imaginations into real life situations! Do this for you.

Dr alyssa kuhn

Meet your program creator

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a Physical Therapist and founder of Keep the Adventure Alive Physical Therapy and Performance based in Salt Lake City, UT. She is the author of Move Well Age Well: How to Rock the Later Years with Fitness and Mindset.

She is a Crossfit Level One certified instructor and has been leading a Crossift style Masters class for those 50 and up. She also has extensive experience in exercise programming with a specialization in helping those with arthritis pain- even those that thought pain relief was not possible! 

She is a specialist in osteoarthritis education and management. She has helped countless people all over the country finally find relief from their osteoarthritis pain, even when they thought it wasn’t possible. She is on a mission to bring hope to those who are experiencing joint pain and osteoarthritis. She also is currently serving as a board member of the National Arthritis Foundation in Utah.

She is a midwest transplant into the west and loves being in the outdoors. You can find her hiking, skiing, and road biking in the beautiful Utah mountains. She is also a huge proponent of practicing what she preaches so she is always moving!