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Arthritis Adventure

4 Day Challenge

If you are searching for arthritis pain relief and are unsure where to start, you’re in the right place!

Join in this FREE arthritis exercise challenge, perfect for beginners, led by a physical therapist and arthritis specialist so you can reignite your active life 🔥💪🏼

Wins from past challengers!

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arthritis exercise
arthritis exercise
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The JUMPSTART Challenge is for you if...

If you would like to unlock the feelings of hope, strength, and confidence- join us! Each of these four arthritis exercise videos will include ways to unlock arthritis pain relief.

Your adventure is waiting.

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Created by Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, PT:

Hi! I’m a doctor of physical therapy and arthritis specialist who is on a mission to show you that hope and adventure are possible, even with osteoarthritis! So far hundreds of people have transformed their life with osteoarthritis. They have been able to make adventures like traveling, walking longer distances, navigating stairs, hiking, playing with grandkids and more. Now it’s your turn

P.S. If you're thinking to yourself...

“Pain relief isn’t possible for me”

“My arthritis is too far gone”

“I’m scared I won’t be able to keep up”

“I was told surgery is the only way”

“Most exercises hurt, I doubt these will feel good”

I encourage you to push away the doubts and the worries and take a leap of faith to join us. These thoughts are normal but they also can hold you back from reaching your true potential to reach arthritis pain relief. You truly have nothing to lose and so much to gain

Take it from those who have already completed the challenge

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arthritis exercise
keep the adventure alive
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The key to your active life 🔑

When you’re in pain, movement may be the last thing you want to do.

But, if you want to get your joints healthier, feel stronger, and reduce your pain- movement is vital.

The key is doing the right type of movement. As a physical therapist I often seen people trying to do everything they can to help their joints but they just end up in more pain.

Movement should make you feel better when you are done, NOT worse 🚫

This arthritis exercise challenge was created to show you the power of exercise.

Your key to walking, climbing stairs, bending down, squatting lower, and feeling strong is strength. If you can build the right strength to support your joints, so many doors will open.

Take a leap of faith and join in on the free four day arthritis exercise challenge as 3,000+ people have already done ✅

I believe in you.

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