hip osteoarthritis pain relief

Are you looking to reduce your pain levels so you can stay active and adventurous with family, friends, and/or your animals? 

Do you feel like everything you try just leads to short term relief that doesn’t last?

Do you want to get stronger and more confident so you can stop worrying about your future with osteoarthritis? 

Hip arthritis pain relief is possible,
you just have to know where to start!

In this free guide, you will learn how to: 

  • Start gettings stronger without flaring up your pain
  • Reduce muscle tightness and stiffness 
  • Control inflammation in other ways like food
  • What type of pain is okay to push through and when you should stop or modify activity


If you've been told just to "wait for surgery"...

If you’ve been told to just “take it easy” and “avoid doing much activity”…

If you’ve been told to “limit your walking to save your joint”…

I’m SO glad you’re here.

With hip osteoarthritis, continued rest will not lead you to pain relief. Instead it can lead to muscle weakness and increase the potential for further irritation

Just because you have hip osteoarthritis- surgery is not inevitable. You do have options for relief and this guide will show you what you need to know to get started! 

pain relief arthritis

Hi, I’m Alyssa. I’m a doctor of physical therapy and an osteoarthritis specialist. I have helped people all across the world tackle hip and knee arthritis pain with new found confidence. 

Through movement, food, and other avenues your body craves, you, too, can find osteoarthritis pain relief that lasts.

I founded Keep the Adventure Alive to break through the doom and gloom to show you that adventure is possible again despite being diagnosed osteoarthritis! 

You don’t have to dream small because you have arthritis. Let me show you the way! 

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