Help your patients adventure with Knee osteoarthritis

📢  Calling all physical therapists, occupational therapists, trainers and other healthcare professionals that help patients with knee osteoarthritis! 📢

If you’re looking for new exercises, new perspectives or new ways of explaining knee osteoarthritis to your patients, I have just what you need! 

My name is Alyssa Kuhn. As a physical therapist myself, I know that helping people with knee osteoarthritis can be tricky. You want to help your patient or client, but sometimes it seems like everything hurts and you’re unsure where to turn.

What if your patients were actually excited about their home program??

how to treat knee arthritis
how to treat knee arthritis physical therapy

I am launching a course for health professionals to potentially earn CEU credits (for PTs and OTs) to help you learn more in depth about knee osteoarthritis as well as how to help your patients in new ways! Put your name down below to be put on the waitlist for the new course.

knee pain when bending
knee arthritis pain
how to treat knee arthritis physical therapy
ceu physical therapy

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