Can Arthritis Be Reversed?! 3 Things You Can Do Right Now To STOP the Progression

So can arthritis be reversed? Many are too quick to say no because there isn’t a cure for arthritis but there is hope out there to stop the progression of it. You can reverse the severity of the symptoms of arthritis so you can still THRIVE. No raining on your parade today! The journey to help reverse arthritis is not an easy one but man, it is worth it to be on the other side.

So can arthritis be reversed? 

When you are initially diagnosed with osteoarthritis, it may seem like the answer is no. 

Odds are you were given a list of things to avoid or things you cannot do. You may have left the appointment with uncertainty for the future. You may have left feeling worried for the future.

So you turn to the internet to see if it can be reversed and how to reverse arthritis. You likely got mixed information because unfortunately the internet is flooded with doom and gloom when it comes to osteoarthritis.

I’m here to break through that doom and gloom for you and bring you good news! 

It is possible to reduce the severity of your symptoms. It is possible to adventure with arthritis. You can find relief from pain and stiffness. You just need the right strategies to help you get there. 

Before we get into the article, let’s take a look at what is possible when you are on the right path towards relief: 

can arthritis be reversed
how to reverse arthritis
reverse arthritis

Let’s look into some of the best ways you can approach reversing arthritis symptoms and what is possible if you do.

The BEST ways to reverse arthritis symptoms

When it comes to finding arthritis pain relief and alleviating common symptoms such as stiffness and swelling there are important things to prioritize. 

It can be very overwhelming when you start your journey. There is so much information out there. You may be hearing conflicting recommendations from family, friends, healthcare professionals, and people on the internet. 

As a physical therapist, I have been specializing in helping people with osteoarthritis for years now. I have understood and tested which aspects can make the biggest impact based upon experience and the most recent research. Start with this video below to understand what to prioritize to reverse arthritis symptoms. 

Tackling the common symptoms

Sometimes it can feel like osteoarthritis is comprised of a grab bag of symptoms. Some people experience more stiffness. Some people experience swelling. Some people experience higher levels of pain, difficulty sleeping, and/or limping when walking. 

You can learn more about the common symptoms in this article discussing what osteoarthritis feels like in this article

Let’s take a look.

Reducing joint stiffness

Joint stiffness can be annoying. Sitting down or standing in the same position for >20 minutes and all of a sudden your joints feel like cement blocks. Maybe you even have to hobble around for the first few steps. In order to find relief from joint stiffness, movement is one of the best answers. 

Depending on the joint, there are specific movements that can be done. Take a look at this video below for some simple, yet effective ideas!

Reducing joint pain

Joint pain can be one of the most limiting symptoms when it comes to osteoarthritis. Painful joints can make movement really hard.

It is important to understand what is causing your joint pain, and it may not be as obvious as you think.

Most of the time, people tend to focus only on the joint that is impacted. For example, if you go to an appointment for your knee pain, likely only your knee is looked at. 

But joint pain is so much more than that. There are many things that can impact joint pain including sleep quality, stress levels, and arguably of of the most important, lack of movement.

In the presence of pain, movement can be difficult. Contrary to popular belief, movement is what your joints need but many tend to avoid it. 

Your cartilage needs movement, it’s how it gets the right nutrients. With limited movement, inflammation can collect leading to stiffness and more pain. 

Learn more about the benefits of exercise for osteoarthritis here.

Not all movement is created equally though. the wrong types of movement or doing certain movements before your joints are ready can actually increase pain.

So what movements can be helpful for arthritic joints?  I have a follow along video below that can help you get started to help reverse arthritis symptoms.

If you’d like more arthritis friendly exercises that will help to build strength, balance, and stamina, join in the FREE 4 Day Arthritis Exercise Challenge! 

Reducing swelling

One of the most common joints that is prone to swelling is the knee. Swelling can happen from a variety of different reasons. These include: 

  • overactivity 
  • muscle imbalance
  • decreased activity levels

Compression can be one of the best ways to help to manage swelling along with gentle movement. Compression can be used for the knees, hands, feet, ankles, and lower leg. 

Frequent movement can also be helpful especially when you are sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, or traveling. If you have a road trip coming up, I have the perfect video for you HERE

What is possible once arthritis pain relief is unlocked

When I meet with someone who appears hopeless because of arthritis pain, I know there is great opportunity that lies in working with them. I want you to know that if you are feeling hopeless, sitting here reading this blog post, you are not alone in this journey anymore.

You can learn so much from others who have walked your same path and came out on the other side. Once joint pain and joint stiffness are under control- doors of opportunity can fly open.

I just recently was working with a woman who was dealing with right knee swelling, stiffness after sitting for work, and inside of the knee pain that would even wake her up at night. She was in her 40s and was dedicated to keeping her backpacking adventures alive.

She experienced increased knee pain after a hike and it just never went away. Come to find out she was told she had arthritis. She was an avid hiker and backpacker here in Utah so that diagnosis didn’t settle well with her. 

Initially, we worked through ways to manage pain and swelling. We were able to find movements she was actually able to do without flaring up her knee pain! She dedicated herself to adding these movements every day.

Fast forward 2 months. She has been on 2 camping trips including hiking for multiple days. She has been able to begin interval running- which she didn’t think would be possible again! She now has a goal to go on a hike that is over 2000 ft of elevation gain.

She has been able to accomplish amazing things and keep her arthritis adventure alive. If you want to stop waiting to start yours, learn more about how you can get started HERE.

If you want to read more ✨inspiring✨ stories, head to this blog post.

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can arthritis be reversed
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The next time you hear “can arthritis be reversed” you now know the answer is yes, there are possibilities! You can reduce the severity and the magnitude of your symptoms so you can live out your arthritis adventure.

You can reduce joint pain, joint swelling, and joint stiffness which can open doors to making an active life possible. 

With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, it doesn’t have to be the death of an active life or the things you love doing. In order to make it possible, you have to take action. 

How are you going to begin to reverse your arthritis symptoms today?!

adventurers for life

If you are looking to regain your active life but are unsure where to start, join the revolutionary membership, Adventurers for Life. This is a step-by-step path that not only will help you find pain relief but will help you unlock adventure. You’ll get workouts, tests to pass to make sure you are on the right track, community events and MORE. 

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