9 BEST Ab Exercises Standing Up That Are Nice To Your Arthritic Joints!

When you have arthritic joints, getting up and down from the floor can be challenging. But, it is vital to have a strong core for many different reasons, so ab exercises standing up come to the rescue! There are so many ways you can still challenge your core muscles that doesn’t involve getting on the floor. Check out these 9 exercises to get started! 

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Trust me, there is more to ab exercises besides doing crunches on the ground. 

As a physical therapist who specializes in helping people overcome knee, hip, and back osteoarthritis- I almost always see someone who is in pain. 

And let me tell you, asking them to get on the floor on the first visit doesn’t usually make a friend 🙂

There are so many ways to challenge your core muscles in standing simply using bodyweight or adding dumbbells. Here are some. of my favorite exercises below.

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1. Standing press out

Standing press-outs can easily be done with one dumbbell in a standing position. You will stand up tall, bend your knees slightly and hold onto the weight at each end. Squeeze your glutes and activate your core.

Press the weight straight out in front of you. This works your core muscles because you have to prevent your back from arching, keeping your core stable. Make sure you are breathing during this exercise! Try 12 reps or until you feel fatigue for 3 sets.

2. Pallof Press

The pallof press requires one resistance band tied to a stable surface at about hip height. Hold the band with both hands at your chest. Step out to the side so you feel tension on the band pulling you towards the anchor. Press the band straight out in front of you.

This is one of my favorite ab exercises standing up because it primarily works the obliques which are extremely important, especially if you have spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease

Try for 15 reps then switch sides. Complete 3 sets as you’re able. This exercise helps to work your obliques or the muscles on the sides of your core which are very important but commonly not worked very often! 

If you need a resistance band like this one, here is my favorite set

3. Tandem row the boat

I couldn’t list ab exercises standing up without including at least one balance exercise! 

Tandem row the boat is a balance exercise that actually can help you build core strength too! All you need is one dumbbell. Hang onto the heads of the dumbbell and hold it at the level of your belly button. Stand with one foot in front of the other and then rotate the dumbbell side to side.

In order to keep yourself upright and your chest tall, your core is working in combination with your hips, knees, and ankles. Try 30 seconds each side, at least 2 sets. 

4. Wall sit with overhead reach

Wall sit with overhead reach is a core exercise that is a little more challenging than it looks! Lean your back against a wall and walk your feet out slightly. Bend your knees a little bit. Press your lower back into the wall so your whole spine is in contact with the wall. Then alternate raising one arm at a time.

The goal is to not let your back arch or leave the wall. You have to use your core muscles to keep your spine from arching. Try alternating for 20 reps for at least 2 sets.

5. Plank Marches with Suspension Straps

First off, I absolutely love using suspension straps for training, especially if you are in any joint pain (here is my favorite set). They offer adequate support while still allowing for a lot of movement freedom. 

This exercise involves walking out into a raised plank position. Push through your shoulders and keep them active. 

To increase difficulty you can walk your feet back further so you are closer to the floor if your setup allows. You can also add in alternating marches like in this video. Make sure you keep your hips as steady as possible and focus on your body positioning.

Try up to 30 reps or until you begin to feel fatigue or lose your form. 

Here is an article about the best 10 TRX Leg Exercises that you may find interesting, especially if you are dealing with hip and knee pain. 

6. Squat press out

This squat variation really targets the core muscles and can be a fun way to mix things up! 

Start with a lighter dumbbell to get the feel for the movement. Press the weight away from you as you sit down in a squat. You will then counterbalance the weight that is in front of you. Try to complete 8-12 reps.

This exercise was inspired by one of my friends who started personal training in her 60s after overcoming osteoarthritis and significant weight gain. You can hear her interview on my podcast, Adventuring with Osteoarthritis.

7. Power Push Up

This ab exercise standing up is done using an empty space on a wall. You will do a wall push up with a little twist! 

Generating power is extremely important, especially as you get older because power is one of the first things you begin to lose. Power is muscle strength + speed. Here is more on that. 

For these push ups, complete 8-15 reps as able. Keep your body positioning as you push yourself away from the wall- this is where the core strengthening comes in.

8. Single arm farmers carry

I saved one of the best ab exercises standing up for last! The single arm farmers carry is a great way to challenge your obliques as your body works to keep yourself upright with a heavy load on one side.

This one is relatable to real life if you are carrying a heavy purse, grocery bags, or something else in one hand. Counteracting the heavier weight on one side can challenge your core muscles in new ways especially if you have a history of back pain. 

Start with a moderately heavy weight, usually around 10lbs+. If the weight is too light, you may not feel anything. Try to walk at least 50-100 feet then switch sides. Posture is very important in this exercise.

9. Mash up

Here is a follow along video with me that includes 100% ab exercises in standing. This 18 minute workout can be a fun way to challenge your core muscles with new and unique movements. 


If you have a history of joint pain and/or a diagnosis of osteoarthritis- keeping a strong core is vital to your success with pain relief. Choose 3-4 of these exercises listed below that feel good to you and try to do them at least every other day if possible. 

Don’t let anyone tell you the only way to get stronger abs is on the ground! You can make amazing gains with these ab exercises standing up. 

If you are looking for other ways to help with osteoarthritis pain relief and/or healthy joints- download my free Ultimate Arthritis Guide to help you get started on the right path. You’ll learn the 5 secrets to adventuring with osteoarthritis because it is possible! 

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